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Thailand is the leading producer and exporter of rice. Jasmine rice is a rice varietal, which is grown primarily in Thailand, although other nations cultivate the long grained, aromatic rice as well. It is frequently served with Thai and Chinese dishes, as the subtle, nutty flavor and rich aroma are…

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Thailand is the world's second largest exporter of gypsum after Canada, even though government policy limits gypsum exports to prevent price cuts. In 2003 Thailand produced more than 40 types of minerals with an annual value of about US$740 million. However, more than 80 percent of these minerals were consumed…

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In Thailand many types of beverages are produced. Thailand also exports beverages in which some of the major exports of beverages include Red Bull, Singha and Chang.

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We work with the oil industry and act like middlemen in which we introduce both the buying and selling parties to each other. We also help in the business process whereby we help get import export license, making business contracts between both parties and many many more. Construction & building…

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We act as a middleman in which we help the construction businesses to get foreign projects from & building companies by introducing them to the foreign customers that offer construction projects. We also help with the licensing requirements and insurance purchasing. This is necessary for  a legitimate business. We can…

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Max Law Firm is an international law firm serving foreigners and foreign business in Thailand. We have a team of well qualified and experienced lawyers that have earned their degrees from well recognized institutions. We offer legal services like company registration, marriage registration, work permit, visa, litigation, family law, translation & public Notary and Legal consolation.

We have a special group called the Max Import & Export group that deals in import export procedures, methods and activities. This group works under the banner and authority of Max Law Firm Co., Ltd. All the people working in this group are highly qualified professionals that have experience in their job and they deal with the government in their everyday work life.

Max Import & Export group are providing their services to many international companies from East Asia, central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

We are in contact with many companies worldwide that are interested in acquiring our services. We provide

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If you are an international company or factory, then we can help by introducing your products in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. So, we can act as Middlemen in which we help you introduce your products or services in foreign markets and also find customer and introduce them to you.

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