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Thailand is the leading producer and exporter of rice. Jasmine rice is a rice varietal, which is grown primarily in Thailand, although other nations cultivate the long grained, aromatic rice as well. It is frequently served with Thai and Chinese dishes, as the subtle, nutty flavor and rich aroma are…

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Thailand is the world's second largest exporter of gypsum after Canada, even though government policy limits gypsum exports to prevent price cuts. In 2003 Thailand produced more than 40 types of minerals with an annual value of about US$740 million. However, more than 80 percent of these minerals were consumed…

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In Thailand many types of beverages are produced. Thailand also exports beverages in which some of the major exports of beverages include Red Bull, Singha and Chang.

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We work with the oil industry and act like middlemen in which we introduce both the buying and selling parties to each other. We also help in the business process whereby we help get import export license, making business contracts between both parties and many many more. Construction & building…

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We act as a middleman in which we help the construction businesses to get foreign projects from & building companies by introducing them to the foreign customers that offer construction projects. We also help with the licensing requirements and insurance purchasing. This is necessary for  a legitimate business. We can…

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In our import & export service we help you in finding product from the market and also help you with the import & export process, e.g. import export license. Following are some brief details about Thai import & export products.


  • Rice

Thailand is the leading producer and exporter of rice. Jasmine rice is a rice varietal, which is grown primarily in Thailand, although other nations cultivate the long grained, aromatic rice as well. It is frequently served with Thai and Chinese dishes, as the subtle, nutty flavor and rich aroma are very pleasing to the palate. Jasmine rice is readily available in most stores, and like many other kinds of rice should be used within six months of purchase for optimal flavor and freshness. Old rice tends to get dusty and woody in flavor, and the aromatic scent of jasmine rice will disappear entirely if it is allowed to age too long.

Like other varieties of rice, jasmine rice is a grass, which is cultivated in water logged paddies. During the harvest season, the long stalks of the rice are cut and threshed to remove the rice, which can be left in a hulled form and sold as brown rice, or shucked and sold as white rice. Jasmine rice has been bred for easy harvest, and unlike wild rice species, it will not shatter when it ripens, which would scatter the grains into the water that the rice grows in, making them impossible to harvest. Depending on when the rice is harvested, the flavor varies: many consumers prefer spring rice, which has a more delicate, refined flavor, especially when cooked very fresh.


  • Sea Food


Thailand is a country that covered by a long shoreline located in south East Asia. That's why this country can get a lot of benefits from seafood.

Seafood in Thailand can help to people in the local area and also can export to sell in the international market. They take those seafood to steam, baked, curry, fried, stir, with soup. The way that Thai people prepare seafood for their meal is quite different from other countries in the world because they like to use lots of herbs and spices which can get from the local farm.

Some seafood are preserved by processing into salted fish. They can do it both in the farm and in the factory and then export to abroad such as United States.

In sea food some of the products that Thailand exports are Chilled Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Imitation Crab Sticks, Frozen Crab Sticks Thailand Exporter of frozen seafood, Cooked & Raw Black tiger shrimp, Fresh water shrimp. Squid, Sea fish, Fresh water fish, Pink Shrimp, white Shrimp, Cuttlefish, Squid Loligo and Baby Octopus  Thailand Exporter of Frozen Soft Shell Crabs, Blue Swimming Crabs, Meat Crab, Shrimps and Frozen Seafood Thailand Supplier of Live Tiger Prawn, Live Marble Goby, Live Mud crab, Fresh Tiger prawns, fresh mackerel, fresh Spanish mackerel, fresh anchovy, fresh red snapper and fresh grouper.


  • Thai Fruits


Thailand is known as the Land of Smile, but besides being The Land of Smile it is also a land of fruits.

A popularity associated with this lush land is the myriad of tropical and temperate fruits produced in Thailand. From seasonal fruit crops, such as mangoes, durians, and rambutans, to year-round crops including pineapples, papayas, and jackfruits, Thai fruits are plentiful throughout the entire year. The abundant fruit industry throughout Thailand continues to play an integral role in the export sector, making many of these delicacies available worldwide. Some of the fruits that Thailand exports are Lychee Longan Toddy Palm Banana Chips Frozen Kiwi Fruit Tropical Fruits Fruit Candy Durian Chips Fresh Coconut Coconut Juice Coconut Oil Fruit Soda Drinks Dried Fruits Fruit Trees.


  • Canned Food

In the canned food category some of the products are canned tuna product, tuna chunks for the table, canned sardines, canned smoked oyster, canned pet food, canned mackerel, canned baby clam, and sardines in tomato sauce





  • Import Products


Thailand's major food imports are frozen fish, dairy products, soybeans, crude oil, machinery and parts, iron and steel products, chemicals and machinery & parts. The largest food and beverage exporters to Thailand are the United States, China, Brazil, South Korea and Australia. New Zealand is the major supplier of dairy products.






  • Agriculture Service

Thailand heavily relies on agriculture and thus it plays an important role in the Thai economy. Agriculture accounts for 11.4% of the Thai economy. It's major crop is rice and it’s the world largest exporter of rice internationally. There are many varieties of rice of which some of the prominent are Jasmine rice. White rice, White Glutinous rice, Black Glutinous rice, Red Cargo rice and Brown rice. Thailand ranks as fifth country where largest amount of land is under rice cultivation. Rice is cultivated in a vast area in Thailand and it's an important food in Thailand. Thais eat rice a lot. Rubber is also a major export of Thailand. Thailand provides about 95% of the world's cassava (tapioca) exports. Other agricultural products are fish, fishery products tapioca, rubber, grain, sugarcane, maize, soybeans, coconuts, sabayya, kenaf, jute, tobacco and cotton. Thailand's major agricultural exports are rice, rubber, canned pineapple fresh flowers like orchids and black tiger prawns.Quantities of peanuts and medical plants are also exported.

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