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Gemstones and Jewelry

Thailand is the regional center of gemstones and jewelry market. Thailand not only is rich in gemstone resources and is gifted with some of the fine artisans. That is known worldwide for their expertise in cutting and polishing gemstones. These artisans are well-known for their beautiful, exquisite and splendid artistry.  Thailand is famous for gemstones in which some of the gemstones are the red rubies, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires and diamonds. Thailand has a huge gemstones and jewelry industry. Thai jewelry and gems are a major export products and contributor to the Thai economy. In 2016, Thailand successfully among the world’s top ten exporters of gemstones and jewelry with the export value of over 14.2 billion US dollars. Thailand’s key export markets include Hong Kong, the EU, the US, Middle East countries, Japan, and ASEAN countries.